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Two baseball stores are competing to be the best on their street! Presidents are trying to crush each other stores, hitting the ball as hard as they can to the walls. Meanwhile, cars will pass through the streets and manhole workers will check the weather outside.

So, it's basically a action pong, you have to hit the ball in the right moment to be able to rebound it. The closer the ball is to your character, the harder they will strike it. You can also strike them up or down. Cars and manhole's will rebound the ball when hit.

Originally made for Mini Ludum Dare 58 with theme "Pong".


Player 1:

  • Up: W
  • Down: S
  • Swing Up: E
  • Swing Down: D
  • Menu: ESC

Player 2:

  • Up: O
  • Go Down: L
  • Swing Up: I
  • Swing Down: K
Published Mar 12, 2016
Tags2D, Arcade, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art

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